A Simple Life In The Kitchen

Keeping it simple in the kitchen can be very challenging especially if your goal is to eat homemade and healthy food on a budget.  However, it is very rewarding if you can find that perfect balance! I always see yummy looking dishes online when I search for a recipe to try but it always ends up being so involved and using a ton of ingredients which can really get pricey.  I hate wasting food and especially hate having leftover ingredients that expire because I don’t use them again.  What I’m also not a fan of is spending too much time prepping and cooking in the kitchen…it can get frustrating and make you feel like cooking from scratch isn’t worth the hassle.

One of the best tips to keeping it simple is to work with ingredients you already have and incorporate new ones at a time.  But if you want to make something like sushi and have to start from scratch  make sure you have a second meal in mind that you could make with those new ingredients like a sushi bowl.  Also, before you go grocery shopping, look through your fridge and cupboards and think of ways to use those items up first.  Lets say you have some cans of beans, half a bag of noodles, frozen vegetables, and maybe some leftover cooked chicken.  That would make a perfect soup or you could do a casserole.

So over the years I have come across recipes that have worked great for me that kept that balance of homemade, healthy, and healthy(ish).  They are quick, easy, and inspiring meals because a lot of them are just the base of a recipe and you can tweak it however you want.  One of my favorite meals to whip up is pizza and we have it just about every week!  I used to make the dough myself using a simple dough recipe but that took a lot of time so then I switched to buying frozen dough.  It was quick and easy to put a pizza together but then I looked at how many calories were in the dough and it was a little off putting.

One day while grocery shopping I came across a package of large pita’s.  There were six 12 inch pita’s for $2.99 so I figured I would try using them for pizza!  The “dough” was already made and all’s I had to do was add toppings to it and pop it in the over for about 10 minutes.  If you don’t mind thin crust pizza then this is a perfect alternative for you especially if you want to cut calories.  Since I only make one pizza a week, I freeze the package of pita’s and when it comes time to making one, I take it out of the freezer and it will be thawed by the time your done putting toppings on it.  Voila!  Quick, easy, and a healthier pizza in no time.  You can check out the basic recipe here:  https://www.keeplifesimplestupid.com/recipes/

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